Friday, December 20, 2013

That's a fact JACK!

We went to a local restaurant to eat lunch (love supporting local) anyway, Jack's City Grill is one of our favs! It was so crowded from Christmas shoppers, we decided to sit at the bar and eat. 

I love the decor here, it's so eclectic, funky, colorful and there is always something fun to look at. There's glitter, crystals, lights, pretty little dangling things  ... name it! This is great inspiration for designing a room or party. 

The food is delish. I had the shrimp fajita salad with water and lemon and I felt like it was summer again. Jamie had the cheese quesadillas - if you are ever in Johnson City, TN - you have to check it out, you won't be disappointed... I always snap pictures when I'm here ... check them out... 

My shrimp salad was so good and I used the salsa for the dressing instead of ranch or blue cheese. Actually I hate ranch ... but I love lemon or salsa to replace for salad dressing - even though I do splurge and have blue cheese every so often - gotta live a little! 

The floor below us was even painted ... "that's a fact jack!" This place feels like a funky, cozy corner of the world.

The more you read my blog, the more you will know I am a TRUE believer that life speaks to you in ways if you take a minute to soak in your surroundings ... maybe it's telling me I need a new little black dress { LOL }. I'm always down for shopping { that's a fact jack! } oooh bad joke, had to do it!

{ And yes, I just shopped! Next door is that amazing shoe place Beatty's that has every brand known to man, I just had to go check it out and bought an amazing pair of leather boots for $29 bucks! I also added extra pix later when it wasn't so crowded. }

Anyway, what's your favorite brand for the perfect black dress? Would love to know...


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