Monday, December 23, 2013

Show me the money!

Have you ever heard the saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step?"

I thought about this and it sounds so practical that we miss the lesson here. It's impossible to skip that first mile, that's where the whole journey begins.

Same lesson relates to money, let's just say "A journey to a millions dollars begins with one penny." You can't have a million dollars without that first penny.

I had read a story where a guy needed money, he was desperate. Someone told him he needed to respect a penny just as much as he would a $1000 dollars. That's just some good truth right there!

He was given the advice to watch for every cent that came across his path, whether it a penny, nickel, quarter or a dollar - put it in a jar and watch how much it will grow. Eventually, he received the money he needed! Awesome.

This story inspired me, I decided to do the same! I was digging around my house for a jar and came across this flower vase and thought how perfect it was to "watch my money grow."  I had a flower clip in my bathroom I bought from Forever 21 (I love beautiful gift wrapping and I used these flowers as the bows on top presents - I will demonstrate later).

So this New Year remember, YOU RECEIVE WHAT YOU FOCUS ON. So why not grab you a jar and watch your money grow! This is a perfect way to start off your New Year!

I know I've already started ... it's simple. easy. exciting. 

Do it with your hubby, kids, friends - whoever! This is a great, fun way to show kids how to save and for you to save up for those leather boots, new coat or whatever floats your boat :)

I wi$h you tons of blessings in this New Year!


UPDATE 1.7.14

I saw an experiment where someone wrote on a jar of rice, thank you, grateful, love.

So I did the same thing on the side of this jar, I wrote "thank you, Jesus, grateful, multiply millions, love and taped it on the side.

Well the very next day, I found $10 in the grocery isle. Not significant? But I never, ever find money.

Later on that same day - someone called who was interested in buying a house we own that we've been trying to sell for 2 + years! Just got off the phone with him.

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