Thursday, December 19, 2013

Be free today ...

I wanted to post one of my favorites outfits I've been wearing this holiday season. I am so in love with Free People clothing right now. I just had to post this! I just bought this leather jacket, which is extremely comfortable and the added details make it such a beautiful jacket (such as the diagonal zippers on the cuff) I have had so many compliments on it and people always grab my arm wanting to feel it! The adorable lacy dress is from Free People too ... it is flowy and so bohemian, in love. I wear it with black leggings and the outfit makes me happy. The leather boots, MIA brand, are from a local shoe store that I can hear the choir of Angels singing when I open the door. It has every shoe you can think of for the most amazing prices for high end brands! The bracelet is from Waxing Poetic, check out their jewelry if you haven't yet! You will be hooked! It has a dangling clover charm that I adore.  

My mother in law gave me this bracelet for my birthday this year. It has special meaning to it which makes it even more valuable to me. I had a beagle of 16 years who was the love of my life. Her name was Chloe but I always called her "Little Clovers." She was my love, comfort, cuddler and was there for me during a time in my life when I needed her most. I always say, "When I needed someone, God sent me a dog." That dog was her ... even though she is gone, she is in my heart forever. I have little pieces of jewelry with clovers on them to keep her with me. This bracelet is gorgeous! It looks so vintage, upscale and goes with any outfit! Dress it up or dress it down ... you will always see this bracelet on my wrist. 

Another side note, I love how life (God) speaks to you that make things so special. I was trying to add the "It's a Paradise Life" watermark to this image and it wasn't working. Getting frustrated, I decided to use the initials instead. As I put it together, it's actually my mom's initials! That thrilled me ... it's life's way of letting you know you are on the right path. I just saw a guy lastnight, Joe Castillo, he was on America's Got Talent. He makes sand art and it's so amazing the stories he tells through the sand. Anyway, before Joe ever got started, his son told him to watch a youtube video of a guy making sand art and told him he should be doing that. As an artist, Joe thought it was cool, but brushed it aside. The very next day he said he went to Lowes. As he was walking down the isle, a huge sand bag busted and blocked his way. He began to notice how people had made designs in the sand with their feet and so he decided to do the same. He never looked back, he started doing sand art and eventually America's Got Talent contacted him! It's a beautiful story.

I had no idea this post was going in this direction. I was just going to post an outfit! Anway, how is life speaking to you today? Watch for those clues along the way ... it's exciting to see how they reveal themselves. Eventually, I will tell the story about how I got my chocolate lab Knox ... amazing. Anyway, here is my Little Clover below, what a sweetheart.

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