Sunday, December 22, 2013

Inexpensive Makeup Magic

It's holiday season and there are a few things I don't leave home without! You will always find these in my makeup bag.

They are fairly inexpensive products that work their beauty magic like a charm!
  • POREfessional by benefit is one of the best products I have bought ever, by far! It goes on so smooth and fills in pores like silk. It truly works.
  • Erase paste is a fantastic under eye brightener. This product will make you giddy! It makes under eyes circles totally disappear, love!
  • Express "CARAMEL DROP" lip gloss is my all time fav. I have bought countless tubes of expensive and inexpensive glosses and this one is the best! It goes on smoothly and is not sticky. Makes your lips look luscious and yummy. Looks great over any lipstick. ( My mom bought be 5 tubes this Christmas because she knows I like to have one in my makeup bag, purse, home, glove compartment and a spare )
  • Rocket Volume Express - lengthens and thickens my lashes perfectly!
  • Elf NEARLY NUDE is one of the cheapest and best matte lipsticks I have found.
  • Loreal Voluminous Smoldering Black Eyeliner... put it on and brush over with an eyeshadow brush and you will have gorgeous eyes!
  • MAC HONEY LOVE matte lipstick. Slightly pink and slightly nude, perfect mix for the perfect lip.
  • Tarte "PEACEFUL" blush. It's coral yet pink, it gives you lovely, glowing cheeks.

If I had to pick one that you had to have ... that's hard! It's either Porefessional or Erase Paste!

What's your fav products that work their beauty magic for you?

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