Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sweet Pea Recipe

I love peas so much, that I used to eat them everyday even twice a day sometimes. It's the perfect snack or even a lunchtime meal. You can ask anyone in my family, if I eat peas - I have to have them with parmesan! If you are trying to get your kids to eat peas, parmesan might do the trick!

Bowl of peas (microwave or steam for 3 min) then season with salt & pepper
Sauté half an onion in olive oil till golden brown
Add fresh ground parmesan

I don't use butter because of the olive oil, but you can use spray butter which tastes amazing. You can even sauté the onions in water if you don't want the oil - that tastes just as good! 

I used Fresh Market peas, I could spend my days in The Fresh Market ... it's like a home away from home. 


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