Friday, December 20, 2013

Go Bananas! Recipe

This is yummy ice cream at it's finest! Actually, it's not icecream at all! It's frozen bananas with peanut butter whipped up. Can you say ... hooked for days on this stuff! It tastes just like ice cream without all the dairy and sugars = perfection.

1 chopped frozen banana
1 tsp of organic peanut butter
Hand mixer or magic bullet { do not use a blender, you will have banana soup! }
Granola is optional

Add peanut butter and blend banana until smooth or slightly chunky.

Voila! your soon to be favorite treat.

I love my hand held CuisinArt hand mixer. It's perfect to make small portions like this. I like using organic peanut butter that doesn't have added salt or preservatives. And you can add granola to give it a crunch. You won't believe your tastebuds! Enjoy!

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