Saturday, December 21, 2013

Million Dollar Baby

Man! What a day. I woke up in a really good mood. I woke up happy. It was 75 degrees in my hometown today and it's December 21! That's just crazy...

First, let me tell you what I did... I have had the wild hair-brained idea to start taking crazy pictures of my little terrier, Maui, so I went to a local party store and went roaming around looking for little hats to put him in... I came across some buttercream mints that said, "it's a boy!" on them. That made me crave buttermints! I never eat buttermints, what the heck?! I was going to go to the dollar store so I decided to just purchase my items and leave without the mints.

I arrive at the dollar store and found some cute stuff for Maui ... then I came across some chocolate million dollar bars ... I had to buy everyone in my family one. I am all about THINKING BIG! "Think big and you will get BIG results! What you think about, you bring about." That's the entrepreneur in me for sure! Back to my point, I came across the same dang butter mints that say "it's a boy!" on them, I grab them and just stared at them - then I put them down and found a regular bag, checked out and left.

As soon as I pulled out, not even 30 seconds later I get a call from one of my friends freaking out a little. She said, "Come over ... now." I said, "What's wrong?" ... "I'm pregnant!"

I'm thinking what the-he-double-ell ... I just came across those "it's a boy" mints twice in a row! 

I whipped the car in the other direction and went by her house. She hopped in the car, we went to K-mart to get another test to double-check. As I am waiting .... here come a flock of about 30 sea gulls in the parking lot. I mean, I am not even at the beach and I never venture out to K-mart, ever! I live in Tennessee and we don't house cute little beachy birds around here! I am taking snapshots, while my friend is telling me to hurry so she can take a second test, lol. I stared at these sweet birds and it felt like summer and sounded like the beach - this is a little bit of heaven to me since the beach runs through my veins.

We get back to her house, it's positive and here we go! Tears, laughter, hugs, kisses and just utter shock.

Then I told her the buttermint story and she was floored (just as much as I was!)

{ Maui w/ his new hat, just had to post this adorableness even though it's not New Years yet! }

Life has a way of bringing you sweet little surprises when you least expect it. Today it was the sweet buttermints foretelling the news of a pregnant friend and the sounds of the ocean on the first day of winter. Can't wait to see if this baby is a boy too! That would be just wild. And let me say, omg, this just came to me - maybe that's why I found the million dollar bars ... are they fortelling my future?? God, I pray so...

{ sweet sounds of the ocean with a K-mart backdrop, lol }

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