Monday, December 30, 2013

Holy Taco!

We visited a place called, Holy Taco this weekend, and yes, it was holy! I had a shrimp taco with a blue corn tortilla that was out of this world (forgot to photograph it - I ate it so fast lol) My husband told the waiter they need to open up a place called the Righteous Burrito right beside it because it was so good :)

I thought this place was so darling from the outside in - the experience when you walk through the door was planned and thought out into Spanish perfection.

The cheese dip had just a little meat with charizo - delightful!

Just wanted to share, I thought the inspiration from the flower vases to the outside wall art took the customer to another world ... 

Life is all about enjoying the little things and I love it when others take their time to pay attention to the details to make our life experience a little more "divine."

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