Saturday, December 28, 2013

Egg it On Recipe

I love eggs! And I love rye bread - so the two together are heaven to me.

I will never understand why people eat eggs without the yolk - the two were matched together in nature for a reason. I think both of them together are extremely healthy for you - not only is it healthy, but yummy too. So don't feel guilty when you eat the yolk, it's always been there :) If you were not meant to eat it, the egg would be filled with just egg whites! Plus, egg whites have always left me hungrier than just eating the whole egg.

Anyway, this recipe is so easy - eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

All you need is:

Rye bread
1 egg
Small pepper

I toast the bread. Then I fry the egg in just a splash of olive oil (normally about 3 minutes on each side) and season with kosher salt and pepper. I add the egg on top then add the fresh ingredients, feta, basil and pepper.

I always, always use cage-free eggs with naturally fed hens. This is so important to me! I can't stand the thought of animals that are not treated humanely. (I've been known to have sleepless nights of just the thought of unjustly treated animals!)

You can always leave out the cheese or add your favorite, feta just happens to be one of my favorite cheeses. You can also replace arugula for the basil or tomatoes for the peppers. It will taste just as good!


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