Sunday, June 29, 2014

Oil pulling, my experience...

I am a firm believer that natural is better. When it comes to my teeth, I am so picky about how I take care of them. For years, as a good little dental patient should be, I flossed and brushed every single day. But I began to notice after I brushed my teeth, my gums were slightly irritated, nothing that would alarm me at all but I also noticed something else ... a gross white film within my mouth every time I brushed. I would have to remove this white film and it happened every time I brushed. I don't claim to know what it was ... all I know is that I didn't like it and when you don't like something ... that should be a little red flag ... right?

Well, I began to search for ways to keep my teeth healthy. And I came across oil pulling on the internet and was extremely interested in what people had to say about it ... being a researcher by heart ... I researched away.

Before I go into what I feel it has done for me ... I just want to say ... do not believe everything you read on the internet (including my blog! try it out for yourself and see).

Anyway, as I did my research what I began to notice was this...

Well known websites and even dental companies will "debunk" this method in a heartbeat. Even a well known site that will prove if an idea or rumor going around is true or false, debunked this method. (Btw, I hate the word debunk, it's just what is used out there in rumor land.)

 I have to question all of it and the articles kept saying there is not enough studies or evidence to prove this works. (Which I find absolutely ridiculous, you can't tell me these huge companies haven't tried to test this method, they test everything else that includes chemicals and I have to ask myself why? You should too!)

I finally came across a website where a dental hygienist did a study on a well known toothpaste and found out it had blue plastic balls in it that she tried to break down in alcohol and nail polish remover, to no avail. They would not break down and she also noticed patients that would come in and have them lodged in-between their gums. Needless to say, I will not ever use toothpaste again unless it's 100% chemical free. Plus the fact that fluoride is well known to effect your thyroid and it poisons you slowly. Just read the back, it says if swallowed call your Poison Control right away! Who in their right mind would use this? It's because it's the norm and everyone does it so we quietly go along with the masses.

Anyway, this may sound gross, but I have not brushed my teeth in a week. I went from using name brands to "so called" natural name brands and when I found out the natural brand had just as much junk in it and the big brands ... I went on my adventure for the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy, naturally.

Then in the midst of my research, I found a girl that tested oil pulling for over a year and guess what? She's still alive, lol. Check it out here, she has a lot of great information and resources for you to look at.

Back to my story, I'm not gonna try to take a picture of my teeth and prove to you what it's done, but I will say, my breath is better, my teeth do feel healthier and one thing I did notice was that my gums are a pretty, light pink and not a reddish color they were before. (I could go into more, but research nylon bristles and plastic toothbrushes.) 

I know I haven't tested this long enough, but I can tell you, I feel so much better about this method and I am a freak when it comes to my mouth! I want it squeaky clean and anti-cavity! I actually look forward to swishing coconut oil around in my mouth, at first it seems gross, but now it's like working out, you just do it because you know it's good for you. I am still currently using a plastic toothbrush (my natural one is on it's way) and will brush with the coconut oil and activated charcoal, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! It is grainy enough to remove plaque and it makes your teeth feel extra clean. Warning, your mouth will be black but it's oh so worth it. You can buy a bag at your local, natural health food store. Plus, it just might help get rid of the toxins from the fluoride, just a thought, not scientific fact ( but I'm even questioning all that scientific hoopla now).

I found an all natural toothbrush, I will let you know how I feel about it when I receive it.

I use this coconut oil  I absolutely love it and it's made the original way.

Test it out, it can't hurt ... no worse than a mouth full of fluoride that articles have sworn that it's not the same type of fluoride that was used by the Russian Army to make their enemy more docile!? Hmmmm, didn't know there was more than one fluoride out there.

Anyway, do your research, just because it's been done all of these years, doesn't make it right. 

If life is giving you a red flag on the inside ... it's trying to tell you something ... listen.